Decor Hints

How To Pick Out Stunning Bathroom Tile Designs

Bathroom tile designs can be done in a thousand different ways. And usually several hundred of these will be wrong. I strongly recommend you read the following tips on creating highly practical and beautiful bathroom tile designs.

Tip #1: Don’t Use White Bathroom Floor Tiles

Last year, I lived in a place which had white bathroom floor tiles. I was forever cleaning dirt and hair off these otherwise good looking floor tiles. Sometimes I would clean this bathroom floor twice a day, particularly if we had visitors coming over. It was not fun.

Now, some of you might say, “But you get the same dirt on a white bathroom floor as you do on a black bathroom floor, it only shows up more”. And that’s precisely my point. Do you want to run around madly every time you have visitors or your parents coming over? You probably have enough things to do what with getting the food ready and all. Stick with a dark or patterned or mottled bathroom floor and you’ll only have to clean it once a week (or whatever your preferred cleaning schedule is).

Tip # 2: Use Small Tiles For A Small Bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, you’ll be better off choosing a tile design that uses smaller tiles, rather than large tiles. Smaller tiles will allow the pattern to repeat more times in a small bathroom, and thus give your floor a better look. By contrast, patterns that use large bathroom tiles may repeat 3 times or less - which will only make your bathroom look smaller than it already does.

Tip #3: Use The Right Material For You

Each bathroom floor tile has its pros and cons. Print out the list below and take it with you to the bathroom decor store.

Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

Advantages: Durability, Versatility, Low Maintenance, Easy Installation, Low Cost (hence they are very popular). Disadvantages: Varies in color and size from lot to lot.

Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

Advantages: Tough, Wide Choice Of Design. Disadvantages: Requires special material to affix it to substrate.

Terracotta Bathroom Tiles

Advantages: Beautiful Appearance, Longevity (if quality terra cotta tiles are chosen). Disadvantages: Wide variations in quality.

Slate Bathroom Floor Tiles

Advantages: Beautiful Appearance, Longevity. Disadvantages: Soft, Possibility of Splitting.

Terrazzo Bathroom Floor Tiles

Advantages: Classic Elegance and Beauty, Longevity. Disadvantages: Expensive, Surface May Be Slippery.

Marble Bathroom Floor Tiles

Advantages: Classic Luxury Appearance, Beautiful Appearance. Disadvantages: Expensive, High Maintenance, Possibility Of Cracks, Stains Or Etches.

Glass Floor Tiles

Advantages: Beautiful Appearance, Wide Choice Of Designs. Disadvantages: Expensive, Hard To Install.

Concrete Floor Tiles

Advantages: Durable, Minimalist Appearance. Disadvantages: Hard To Install.

Granite Bathroom Floor Tiles

Advantages: Durable, Dense, Strong, Minimalist Look. Disadvantages: Limited Trim Options.

Good luck choosing the correct bathroom tile design for your bathroom!